The state of Louisiana is having some budgetary issues.

So much so, that new Governor John Bel Edwards addressed the entire state about it on television Thursday evening.

While we’re not here to get into a political debate about how to solve it, we did notice that he mentioned the potential of LSU football being halted as a consequence, and that got our attention.

So, follow us down the line of thinking the Governor presented to the people of Louisiana, as he proposed a change in philosophy to avoid the worst-case scenario:

The LSU campus in Baton Rouge is supposedly set to run out of money by the end of April.

And if the school closes down before the semester can be finished, students will presumably be issued incomplete grades. That would include football players.

In conclusion, the lack of grades would make LSU players ineligible to play in the fall, which would leave the Tigers without a football team.

LSU beat writers were quick to point out a few facts that make this unlikely.

First, threatening to take away Tigers football, which is one of the most popular pastimes in the state, was likely an effort to get the attention of citizens more than it was a real possibility.

Next, it brought up the topic of what role LSU football played in the finances of the state.

Ross Dellenger reminded everyone that the football program is actually quite profitable and could sustain itself on its own:

Now, if they’ll just figure out a way to make sure these players stay in class, we’ll have a fantastic game between LSU and Wisconsin at Lambeau Field awaiting us in September.