The LSU defense is getting a big boost for the title game, as LB Michael Divinity Jr. is returning for the matchup with Clemson.

Divinity stepped away from the team ahead of the Alabama game and hasn’t played since, but now he’s back and ready for action.

So, how does that affect the LSU defense? Star S Grant Delpit said it’s great for the Tigers to have another leader on the field (via ASAP Sports):

Grant, we obviously got the news a couple days ago that Michael Divinity will be able to play in the championship game. Just your thoughts on having him back on the field, and what do you think he’ll mean for the defense?
GRANT DELPIT: That’s a big part of our defense. He’s a great player, and like you say, he’s been around in practice and all working out the whole time he hasn’t been playing. So that’s a big thing for us just that he stuck it out and stuck around. To have him back, that’s huge. That’s a huge key. He’s a vocal leader. He’s a vocal guy on and off the field. I think that having him back is going to be a big key for us, and we’re excited for it.

How will the return of Divinity impact LSU in the title game? What sort of role will he play on the field? We’ll find out on Monday, Jan. 13, in New Orleans.