Greg McElroy believes LSU has a real chance to win the SEC West, and on his “Always College Football” podcast outlined some of the paths and pitfalls they must navigate to do it.

“I still think a road trip to Tuscaloosa will be really difficult,” McElroy said. “I think the SEC West this year actually has a chance to be stronger. I think A&M’s going to be better, I think Alabama has a chance to be just as good. I think Arkansas is going to level off a little bit. I think Ole Miss is a bit of a question mark, maybe slightly up, especially with the addition of Spencer Sanders. Mississippi State, huge question mark.”

He reiterated that the Alabama game on the road will be “tough sledding.”

“But tell me a roster with as few question marks in the SEC West as LSU,” he said, and added that the portal additions must pan out, and health is a factor, to be more competitive than a season ago.