Mississippi State travels to LSU on Saturday night. It will be the SEC opener for each team.

In what’s rarity for a night game in Baton Rouge, the visiting Bulldogs (2-0) are actually 2.5-point favorites.

Wednesday on ESPN’s “Always College Football,” analyst Greg McElroy was asked about the Mississippi State-LSU matchup.

McElroy wasn’t prepared to pick a winner, in part probably because he’s part of the announce team for the game, but he did say he’s looking for continued improvement from the Tigers in Week 3 of the Brian Kelly era.

“It was Southern. I get that,” said McElroy of LSU’s blowout win last Saturday. “But the execution level was much better on both sides of the ball than it was the week before (against Florida State). You didn’t have some the same mistakes that you had in Week 1. … So they cleaned things up quite a bit last week against a substandard opponent. Now can you do it against a quality opponent? That remains to be seen.

“I’m cautiously optimistic that some of the troubling things we saw on the field in the first week of the season are a thing of the past. … Even though a lot of us wanted to write off LSU after Week 1, I think based on what I saw last week, they’ve taken the necessary strides. And we already know that Mississippi State’s legit.”

You can see all of McElroy’s takes about the upcoming college football weekend in the video below:

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