The LSU Tigers are going to look a lot different this fall, especially on offense, where Myles Brennan will take over for Heisman Trophy winner Joe Burrow at quarterback.

Many expect Brennan to do well in the offense, with some having even higher expectations than that.

However, on “College Football Live” on ESPN on Wednesday, analyst Greg McElroy said those expectations are unreasonable and need to be toned down entering Week 1 (via 247Sports):

“I think that these expectations need to be cut in half,” McElroy said of Brennan. “They’re unreasonable, just given all the pieces that they have to replace, and they’re playing a 10-game conference gauntlet in the SEC … I still expect them to be really good and really talented. I actually really really like Myles Brennan, and I think he’ll fill in Joe Burrow’s big shoes. I think he’ll fill them admirably. This issue is, I think the continuity between coordinator and coach won’t be what it was last year. I don’t know how it possibly could be.

“They are really going to miss Dave Aranda on the defensive side of the football. Bo Pelini is there, an experienced guy that has been there in the past and built some great defenses, but knowing that every team in the SEC West has likely improved, it might be a lot tougher for LSU to maintain that same level of dominance, I think, both on offense and defense.”

Brennan’s career totals at LSU are 600 passing yards, 2 touchdowns and 3 interceptions. Will he become a star? Perhaps, but even Burrow needed a year as a full-time starter before making a jump.