The LSU Tigers and BYU Cougars are scheduled to meet in Houston to kick off the 2017 football season, but the fact that the game starts at 8:30 p.m. Central time poses an interesting conundrum.

BYU, a school affiliated with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, doesn’t allow its teams to play on Sundays, as they believe that day is to be used for worship.

So, if the late game does carry on past midnight, LSU coach Ed Orgeron told Yahoo! Sports that he’ll let the referees decide how to handle it:

“I think that that will be held up to the referees. I will let them make that decision,” Orgeron said. “It has been discussed within the realm of our assistant coaches. Yes, it has, but that’s out of our hands.”

However, a BYU spokesperson quickly put any concerns about a postponement to rest, saying the Cougars have no problem carrying on past midnight if needed:

“Yes, the game would be finished if it pushed late,” BYU spokesman Brett Pyne told Yahoo Sports via email. “A game involving BYU that starts on Saturday will be played to its completion if it happens to extend past midnight.”

The refusal to schedule Sunday games is an important part of BYU’s philosophy and may be a big reason why the Cougars have yet to join the Big 12.

At least for LSU’s sake, it’s good that the school has no problem playing past midnight if need be.