The extended overtime game against Texas A&M gave the “Golden Band From Tigerland” plenty of chances to play a certain song, much to the chagrin of several alumni.

Some have apparently gone to the extent of muting the football game during times when the song, “Red Zone” is played, while others have called it “incessant screeching.”

A petition on that started on Sunday and quickly gained several hundred signers was titled, “Stop the LSU Band from playing that horrible 2-tone screeching sound on defense.”

One commenter wrote, “Fans across the US suffered during the LSU-Texas A&M game, not only from the horrific officiating, but from the Golden Band from Tigerland’s incessant screeching of two notes during every defensive huddle.”

Despite the growing number of signatures against it, some fans say they want more of it. “I say we play it louder next game,” one wrote.

WAFB-9 received a statement from LSU Director of Bands and Manship Associate Professor Damon S. Talley about the petition:

“We certainly appreciate the enthusiasm of our fans and all comments that we receive. We are constantly evaluating how best to support our team during the game, as well as our fans and their experience, and will consider all suggestions moving forward.”