JaMarcus Russell has been fired as a volunteer assistant coach at his alma mater, Williamson High School, and is reportedly facing a lawsuit as a result of an incident that allegedly occurred during his time with the program.

Williamson High School, located in Mobile, Alabama, said in a statement on Saturday that Russell was relieved of his duties last fall. The program said earlier this week, it was “reiterated” to Mr. Russell that he’s not permitted to be around the football program or on school campus,” per a statement given to WKRG Sports.

Russell was dismissed after he allegedly approached a local business owner for a donation to help the football program’s weight room. The school says it never received the check, which was written for $74,000.

Per court documents cited by WKRG Sports, Russell allegedly deposited the check at a local credit union and withdrew $55,000 on the same day. Russell is now facing a lawsuit from the credit union as it looks to recoup that portion of the check, which it claims was issued by “mistake.”

Russell denies any wrongdoing, per the court documents.

Russell had been on staff with Williamson High School since 2018. He played for the program until he signed with LSU in 2003. He then moved on to star at LSU at the collegiate level and was ultimately the No. 1 overall draft pick by the Oakland Raiders in 2007.

Per WKRG Sports, the lawsuit against Russell is set to go to trial in October.