Jayden Daniels and LSU tapped into the power of AI to help the Tigers’ quarterback in his development. And, by all accounts, it seemed to work.

Daniels used a German program called Cognilize, which, according to its website, provides “immersive decision-making training” and “enhancing of split-seconds reads in sport-specific game situations”.

“Wednesday after practice, Thursday after practice, and Friday we do it in the morning,” LSU director of performance innovation Jack Marucci told WAFB-TV when discussing when Daniels works with the program.

The goal is to give Daniels a realistic view of what to expect on Saturdays, including a simulation of opposing stadium environments.

“It’s our playbook. You get to go against the defensive looks, starting coverages, and stuff like that, so just to speed up the process,” he said. “It helped out a lot, just to go and get more mental reps outside of practice and stuff like that, more physical reps.”

With Daniels up for the Heisman Trophy, Cognilize may make its way into other universities across the country.