Jayden Daniels’ performance against Ole Miss has college football fans talking Heisman candidacy

LSU played its best game of the season Saturday.

The Tigers ripped No. 7 Ole Miss at home, 45-20.

The star for LSU was quarterback Jayden Daniels.

The Arizona State transfer had a huge day passing and running in the winning effort.

He passed for 248 yards and 2 touchdowns in the victory and added 121 rushing yards and 3 scores on the ground.

He also set a couple of new school records for LSU quarterbacks when it comes to running the football.

Daniels has played well all season for the Tigers, who are now 6-2 on the season.

But college football fans really took notice of his performance on Saturday, with some even touting him as a potential Heisman Trophy candidate:

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  • Only idiots are talking about him for Heisman. Nothing against Daniels but his stats would not have him even in the top 10.

    • He has the stats. He’s lacking “Ws”! Needed to win the UT gm to even get consideration. He won’t be in the conversation but I hope he keeps garnering the hype each week

  • Come on people, Daniels is playing great of late. But Heisman candidate? No way.
    Now if they win out and somehow make it to the playoffs and win the NC (not a big, but a huge if), I might change my tune.
    But I don’t think I’ll have to.

  • If LSU were to somehow win out I'm not sure if a more deserving example of a player being new in a system and carrying the team on his back all season there could be found. Daniels also has to throw the ball away and quit taking sacks. Negative yards don't win anything.

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