As it’s becoming increasingly likely that LSU QB Joe Burrow may land with the Cincinnati Bengals, who have the No. 1 overall pick in the NFL Draft, discussion has begun about his opinion of going to his home state team.

In an interview with TSN 690 in Montreal, via, former Ohio defensive coordinator Jimmy Burrow, the father of Joe, was about going to a rebuilding team like the Bengals.

“Yes, we’ve talked about it,” Jimmy Burrow said. “I can be in my seat in 3.5 hours from Athens — you know, that’s certainly a positive. You’re always — if you’re the top pick or one of the top picks — that’s the way the NFL Draft is set up. You’re not gonna get picked by a team that has a great record. So, you know, he’s excited to even be in that conversation. If the Bengals do draft him, he’s gonna be happy. And, you know … you’ve probably seen some of his interviews. He’s very confident. And he’ll look at it as a challenge. But he’ll be confident that eventually they can win a lot of games there at Cincinnati. But, you know, the Ohio people are ecstatic about this opportunity, maybe, that that could happen. But there’s a long way between now and the draft. That’s for sure.”

Joe Burrow had a simple response about the idea.

“Whoever wants to pay me money,” he said, “I’m gonna go there.”

Burrow is widely viewed as one of the best prospects in this draft class. ESPN NFL Draft analyst Todd McShay said Joe Burrow is “playing an NFL game at the college level,” and the Bengals “would be absolutely crazy” to pass on him. Fox Sports’ Colin Cowherd compared Burrow to Tony Romo.