Sadly, the Joe Burrow era at LSU is about to come to an end with only one game remaining.

LSU had its final full practice on Saturday with a Sunday walk-through. According to Ed Orgeron, it’s a tradition for LSU senior quarterbacks to be carried off the field after their final practice. Burrow passed on the tradition with a hilarious “threat” to his teammates.

“We have a tradition here at LSU that we carry the seniors off the field for the last practice,” Orgeron recalled, per LSU Sports’ Cody Worsham. “Joe Burrow told the quarterbacks, ‘If any of you try to carry me off the field, I’m going to whip your…’ and he walked off the field. So that’s Joe Burrow for you.”

Burrow seems to want to save celebrating for winning the national championship. He memorably declined the SEC Championship game ball, telling Orgeron he would wait for the national championship game ball. Hopefully, Monday night we’ll get to see Tigers players carry Burrow as we saw in Tuscaloosa earlier this year.