LSU co-OC Steve Ensminger coached Saturday’s Peach Bowl with a heavy heart, as his daughter-in-law passed away in a plane crash while heading to Atlanta for the game.

It appears that was a burden he kept from the players during the game, though, as star QB Joe Burrow didn’t seem to know about the tragedy.

During a postgame interview with Dari Nowkhah and the SEC Network crew, Nowkhah brought up the death and asked Burrow how the team dealt with it. As you can see in the videos below, Burrow didn’t know what Nowkhah was talking about:

Obviously, that’s not the way you want to find out about something like that. It’s sure to be an emotional LSU locker room after the game.

The LSU players and coaches are sure to rally around Ensminger and keep his spirits up during this trying time for his family.