Joe Burrow apparently won’t be attending the Maxwell Football Club’s event this year, and he becomes the first winner in 83 years to ghost the event.

Per Sports Illustrated, Burrow’s parents said about 3 weeks ago that he would be attending, and then, his plans have apparently changed and his representation said this week that he won’t be attending. Maxwell Club executive director Mark Wolpert voiced his frustration over the decision.

“It is frustrating, I am frustrated not so much for us but I am frustrated for our guests who come out to see Joe,” Maxwell Football Club executive director Mark Wolpert told

“I’m frustrated for our partners, for our host at the event and our associated partners with what we do at the Maxwell Football Club – they’re excited to see Joe Burrow. And rightfully so.

“It’ sad that it has to happen. When you have 14 award winners, a lot of moving parts at the event and you hold your breath that you don’t have bad weather, you don’t have travel difficulties, that you don’t have something unfortunate happen in someone’s life that they can’t join us. Those things happen from time to time. I haven’t run across this type of decision making for a winner not to come and I really don’t know a viable explanation other than what we’ve been told.”

Burrow is the presumed No. 1 pick in this spring’s NFL Draft to the Cincinnati Bengals.