While it may be typical for members of rival SEC programs to respond following news of penalties handed down by the NCAA, it isn’t that usual for them to issue support for one another. Despite how unusual that may be, Joe Burrow did just that on Thursday after the NCAA came down hard on Missouri.

If you missed it, Missouri’s football team has been suspended from postseason play for one season following a lengthy NCAA investigation. The NCAA found that a single tutor helped 12 student-athletes in multiple sports during a one year span. In addition to the postseason ban, the school has been put on three years of probation and has been hit with recruiting restrictions.

While some SEC rivals may have taken glee following the news, Burrow was clearly hurting for his fellow quarterback, Kelly Bryant. The former Clemson signal caller transferred into Missouri this offseason for his final season of eligibility.

Burrow questions whether anyone from the NCAA informed Bryant of the possibility that he could be transferring in to a program that could be facing a bowl ban. LSU’s starting quarterback issued the following tweet after news broke regarding the NCAA’s decision.

The early indications are that Bryant plans to stay at Missouri, regardless of the bowl ban.