LSU QB Joe Burrow is quickly gaining a reputation as a brash player, both with his regular pre-game head-banging, and now with a talk to a player on the Vanderbilt sideline.

“I told him he’s a great player, played really hard and I was honored to go against him on the field,” Burrow told reporters after the game, in a video shared by Jacques Doucet.

Burrow was asked, and he confirmed, that it was “Andrew Luck style,” meaning overly polite and often confusing to an opponent who expects ordinary nasty trash talk.

Burrow had a school-record six touchdowns in a 66-38 victory at Vanderbilt as he passed for 398 yards. Burrow has seen his stock, and public perception, rise this season arguably higher than any other college football player.

He’s leading the SEC with 380 passing yards per game, and completing passes at an unheard of clip of 80.6 percent. He has 17 touchdowns against two interceptions. Those numbers are second in the nation behind Washington State QB Anthony Gordon. Among the top 20 quarterbacks in America, Burrow is tied with the lowest number of interceptions at two, something only two other top QBs own.

As LSU ramps up its degree of difficulty in opponents, it’ll be interesting to see how Burrow’s personality plays out down the stretch.