Joe Burrow answered some of the hard-hitting questions Tuesday at the Cincinnati Bengals’ OTAs press conference.

Burrow, one of the top QBs in the NFL and a former LSU Tiger, was asked by a media member what his music preference. He gave a broad answer at first, explaining he’ll listen to just about everything.

Except country music, that is.

You’d think Burrow didn’t spend a pair of seasons in Baton Rouge, Louisiana!

Burrow is set to enter his 4th season in the NFL in 2023, already boasting a trip to the Super Bowl. The 2019 national champion at LSU is, by all accounts, a top 3 quarterback in the NFL and is likely to be back in the Super Bowl sooner rather than later.

Hopefully the whole “no country music” thing goes over well with the LSU faithful.

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