Joel Klatt believes LSU is a sleeper team for the College Football Playoff.

With 2 losses on their schedule, the Tigers’ chances are slim, but if they can win a few big games, then they just might make it.

“This one might be a little more out there,” Klatt said on his show Thursday. “We’ve never seen a 2-loss team in the Playoff, however, if we’re going to see it, it would be a team that would knock off the back-to-back defending national champion.”

While LSU does have 2 losses, Klatt believes the early loss against Florida State doesn’t weigh as heavy if the Seminoles remain undefeated.

“We’ve gotta pay attention to LSU. This team has a path even with 2 losses,” Klatt said. “I know they didn’t look great early, but if Florida State remains undefeated, and you can say that game was all the way in the beginning of the year, that doesn’t look quite as bad if Florida State is as good as we think they can be, and if they remain undefeated and win the ACC.”

But LSU’s path to the CFP relies heavily on its performance this week. The Tigers take on Alabama on the road in a game that will determine if they have a chance at the CFP.

“Then that would mean that LSU went to Tuscaloosa and beat Alabama this week,” Klatt said. “It would also mean they would get a win against presumably Georgia in the SEC Championship game, and Georgia hasn’t even lost since the 2021 SEC Championship game.”