Jordan Rodgers believes there is an SEC quarterback making a case as a Heisman front-runner.

The SEC Network analyst claimed on SEC Nation Saturday morning that LSU’s Jayden Daniels should be a front-runner for the Heisman. Daniels has recorded 2,294 yards, 22 touchdowns and 3 interceptions this season, leading LSU to a 5-2 record so far.

Rodgers believes Daniels’ ability to make plays even when the defense has everything covered is what separates him from other quarterbacks around the SEC.

“When you have everything covered up, defense is perfect, and then just somehow a guy like Daniels slips down the sideline for a 30 or 40 yards,” Rodgers said. “As a defender you just go, ‘What are we supposed to do…’ That element of his game is what really sets him apart and one of the reasons he’s a front-runner for me for the Heisman.”

Daniels has another chance to continuing proving his case for Heisman on Saturday as LSU takes on Army. The Tigers should be able to handle business and go into the bye week with confidence and momentum on their side.