Kevin Faulk explains traits Joe Burrow shares with Tom Brady

There’s no question that Joe Burrow is one of the best quarterbacks in the history of college football, and he’s had a large amount of success so far in his young NFL career despite hitting some rough patches at times this season.

Former LSU standout Kevin Faulk recently went into some of the traits that the quarterback shares with one of the most heralded in the game — Tom Brady. Faulk sees a lot of the same elements between the two players and both have been up on the biggest stage the world of football has to offer.

And Faulk is a good person to reference on this topic considering he played alongside Brady and was on the coaching staff when Burrow and the Tigers made their famed national championship run.

“The competitiveness,” Faulk said. “The will, the want to win. The leadership. How he gets guys together. … That’s what made him special.”

How Burrow continues his success will be something to watch, but those who have spent time around him don’t need to be told twice about his sheer level of talent.

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Crissy Froyd