Joe Burrow had one of the best college football seasons ever in 2019, throwing 60 touchdown passes, winning the Heisman Trophy and leading LSU to a perfect 15-0 record and a national championship.

Now, he’s off to the Cincinnati Bengals as the No. 1 overall pick, and ESPN’s Kirk Herbstreit thinks he’ll be just fine at the next level.

Herbie appeared on a Joe Burrow special on the NFL Network and compared Burrow to a pair of NFL legends (via 247Sports):

“I started to run out of things to say,” Herbstreit said on NFL Network’s Move the Sticks Joe Burrow 360 special. “It’s like when Tiger Woods was in his prime, really good. I’ve covered some great players doing this for a long time, but it was a perfect storm. The combination of Joe Brady bringing that Saints system to Baton Rouge. You have that element. You have a veteran fifth-year quarterback who is a gym rat when it comes to preparation.


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“This kid is a — I’m not putting a Tom Brady label on him, but a Peyton Manning, Tom Brady type. He’s at the facility preparing on Sunday. He just won by 40 yesterday and, on Sunday, he’s there for eight hours looking at the next game. … He’s like a coach. He was a coach that played quarterback in his fifth year. He knew the answers to every question. Throw in his ability to work through field progression.

“… I’ve never seen a guy with this killer instinct. Not just to beat you but steal your soul. He wants to ruin everything about you and the defensive coordinator. He takes it so personally, that week’s battle against whomever it is. All guys are competitive. All guys want to win. But this guy is borderline arrogant, borderline, ‘Were you OK as a kid?’ A mean dude, in a good way. If he’s your quarterback, it’s great.”