LSU alums have come together this week to celebrate beating Alabama. However, that’s not the case for former LSU teammates Jamal Adams and Leonard Fournette, as the two exchanged haymakers via Twitter on Friday.

The bout started with Fournette making a joke about the Thursday Night Football fight and calling for fans to “fight” for him in the pro bowl voting. Adams responded by tweeting, “Bruh we get it …. stop being thirsty!”

Then things escalated. Fournette apparently didn’t take too kindly to Adams’ joke, so he shared a story from college where Adams hid under a table during a fight. The safety then called out the running back for quitting on LSU at the end of the 2016 season.

Adams apparently deleted his “stop being thirsty tweet” but check out out the rest of their Twitter exchange below:

Maybe we now know a little bit of why LSU underachieved during Les Miles’ last three years — the team chemistry appears to have been lacking at least between two of the team’s better players.

Adams and Fournette arrived at LSU together in 2014 and stayed through the 2016 season. In their final season, the Tigers started 2-2 and fired Miles, replacing him with Ed Orgeron. LSU went 25-12 during their three years. Since they left, the Tigers are 28-7.

It’s too bad fans won’t see Adams and Fournette face each other later this season because the New York Jets and Jacksonville Jaguars have actually already played each other this year. The two teams could meet next fall but are guaranteed to square off in 2021.