After a strong 2017 regular-season, the Jacksonville Jaguars came oh-so-close to a Super Bowl berth. The 2018 season, however, was a step back as the Jaguars went 5-11.

It was a particularly forgettable season for former LSU RB Leonard Fournette. The former first-round pick played in only eight games, recording 439 rushing yards and five touchdowns.

Fournette is putting the 2018 season in the past and moving forward. It’s a mindset shared by many of his Jacksonville teammates.

“After the season we had last year, I think everybody kind of hit the restart button,” Fournette recently told WJXT Jacksonville.


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He went on to explain that he’s treating 2018 as a fresh start.

“It’s a new everything, clean start for a lot of us guys,” he said. “We not focused on the past, the past is the past. Couple things I did this offseason, I admitted to, yeah I was wrong, but we moved on we in a good place right now.”

If anyone was need in of a clean start and a chance to hit the reset button, it was certainly Fournette. He missed time in 2018 due to suspension and injuries in 2018. He was called out by team executive Tom Coughlin for his sideline behavior in the season finale. Fournette’s 2019 offseason did not get off to a good start either. In April, he was arrested for driving with a suspended license, stemming from an unpaid speeding ticket.

We shall see if Fournette can get back on track and avoid a forced change of scenery.