Six months removed from LSU handing Les Miles an extension and a raise, the program’s former AD Joe Alleva was suggesting the school fire its most popular coach back in the summer of 2013.

Turns out Tennessee isn’t the only Southeastern Conference program that knows how to horribly manage coaching contracts.

This revelation was revealed on Friday as LSU publicly released the Husch Blackwell report following a lengthy internal investigation into the issues the school has had dealing with claims of sexual harassment, domestic violence, and assault.

The full Husch Blackwell report can be found here courtesy of LSU.

Back in early 2013 after coming off a 10-3 season, which improved Miles’ overall record at LSU to 85-21, the school gave its coach a two-year extension and a pay increase from $3.75 million to $4.3 million a season.

That was in January of 2013.

By April, Alleva was suggesting Miles be fired following accusations made by student assistants against the coach. Alleva reprimanded Miles behind the scenes but claims the coach did not adhere to the conditions he set out for the school’s football coach.

April 19, 2013, Alleva sent the following email to Chancellor Jenkins and counsel: (found on page 50 of the report)

June 21, 2013, Alleva sent the following email to counsel and incoming LSU President F. King Alexander:

Despite these emails from Alleva, Miles was kept on at LSU until the 2016 season when he was fired following a 2-2 start.

Miles is now the head coach of Kansas, a job he got after sitting out of college football for two seasons.

Also found in the report were comments from a long-time football staff member (unnamed in the report): (found on page 52)