Former LSU coach Les Miles hasn’t been able to land another coaching gig just yet, but that hasn’t kept him from staying busy.

Miles will be making yet another appearance in a movie, which will be his third, according to his IMDB page (yes, he has an IMDB page). It will be called “Angry Men” and will be released sometime this year.

According to Business Report, Miles will play a NASA employee in the upcoming movie:

The movie, according to its website, is about the 1986 space shuttle Challenger disaster and a prescient NASA engineer, who tried, unsuccessfully, to prevent the doomed shuttle from taking off.

Miles doesn’t play that engineer, but he does play a NASA employee known as Nelson. The film’s website doesn’t describe Nelson’s character.

The film is apparently being shot in San Antonio, so that’s where Miles will be for now. He’ll also probably continue to make appearances on TV talking about college football.

However, we can’t wait to see what the character of “Nelson” has in store for us.