Two years, Les Miles left LSU as head coach, and in the mean time, many wondered where his next landing spot as a coach would be.

There have been plenty of openings in recent years, but in Miles’ mind, there hasn’t been a fit to partner with. Miles was at LSU from 2005-2016, and previously coached at Oklahoma State from 2001-04. His career record is 142-55 and he led the Tigers to winning the BCS national championship at the end of the 2007 season.

“I’m still looking for an athletic director and school that want to introduce Les Miles to their football team as head coach,” he said in an interview with Adam Kramer of Bleacher Report. “And up to this point, I have not found the group that I can really partner with.”

There have been several open jobs that Miles was mentioned as a possibility, but he’s not believed to have been a candidate at open jobs in recent years like Baylor, Houston, Minnesota, or Purdue. Miles has done some broadcasting work for ESPN, though he’s made a more concerted move to acting.

He’s reportedly set to play key roles in “The Last Whistle,” a football movie that follows the way the town reacts after one of the local high school’s best players collapses in practice. Miles also is set to play a NASA chief in “Angry Men,” which takes place in the 1980s and focuses on the explosion of the Challenger space shuttle.

“The reality is I’ve gone through a couple job cycles, and it’s not worked out,” Miles said. “I think there’s still an opportunity out there, and I’m not ready to admit that there isn’t. I will continue to look around, and if that opportunity’s not there, I’m gonna enjoy my life, wherever it leads. That much I can promise you.”