While speculation is rampant about the Michigan coaching job and whether Les Miles will consider taking the job or even be considered for it, we haven’t heard from the Mad Hatter himself. While Miles hasn’t said anything about the job himself, a five-star recruit’s family says that Miles let them know he’s staying at LSU.

Shea Dixon of Geuax247 posted a report on Friday following Miles’ visit to Kevin Tolliver II, a five-star cornerback from Jacksonville, Fl. who has committed to LSU.

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Tolliver’s father told Dixon that Miles put any idea of him leaving for Michigan to rest. Here’s what Dixon reported:

“I’m not concerned because I had already talked to Les about that when Kevin first committed, and I talked with him about that when we went up there this summer,” said Mr. Toliver. “I talked to him and his wife when we went up there for the Ole Miss game, so I wasn’t worried or concerned about it. He genuinely stood there and told me it wasn’t going to happen and his wife told us that too.

“Last night, he really put a stop to it. My wife really wanted to ask the question, but she didn’t have to because of the dialogue we were having, so he just went and put it out there. He’s not going to do it. He told us he is not going anywhere and he is fine where he is at, and he is not going to leave what he has going on here. He kind of gave us that look of ‘I would be stupid to leave’. And the thing about it is it is built around his family.”

While Miles himself hasn’t gone on record — and likely won’t unless push comes to shove, as it did in 2007 — it’s a good sign that Miles won’t be going anywhere if he’s being that adamant with his committed recruits.