Grant Delpit and Jacob Hester are two of a small fraternity of LSU football players to sport a jersey number that carries extra meaning. Hester wore No. 18, which has a long Tigers tradition. The No. 7 is starting to get its own special tradition, as a number handed down to certain LSU standouts over the years, starting with Patrick Peterson awarding the number to Tyran Mathieu.

In March, LSU announced Delpit would be the new No. 7. While the All-American defensive back wore it this spring, it sounds like it’s still sinking in that he’ll be wearing it on Saturdays this fall. Tuesday night, Hester shared a snippet of his conversation with Delpit from the “Hangin’ With Hester” radio program.

“It’s definitely a great honor,” Delpit told Hester. “It’s kinda crazy. If someone had told me I would have been wearing No. 7 at LSU when I was in high school, I probably would have just laughed and blew it over. But, you know, this is definitely a blessing. I just gotta perform now. I don’t really feel pressure about it. It’s just me playing the game of football and understanding the guys that came before me and the tradition and just me going out there to play my game to uphold that tradition. I’m definitely excited for it. I thank Coach O. I thank LSU for allowing me this opportunity. Let’s get ready for the season now.”

Delpit will get to play his first real game in the No. 7 jersey on Aug. 31 when LSU takes on Georgia Southern.