As lego toy replicas go, this version of LSU’s Tiger Stadium ranks up there with some of the best.

For Evan Saacks, it was the perfect way to spend the offseason, which included 10 months and 3,185 lego pieces, according to a recap of the project on And The Valley Shook. He also posted the pictures below to Twitter. Saacks explained that this isn’t the familiar toy “Legos,” but from a company called Foco that specializes in building sets for sports fans.

“I have been building this on and off since October,” he wrote. “I began immediately after the loss to Florida as a way to temper my seething rage. So the question of “How long did it take to build?” is difficult to answer. If I worked on it every day consecutively, I estimate it would’ve taken about a month.”

Saacks explained how the pieces are “microscopic” and it was tedious to make everything fit. But he’s proud of it as he should be.

“This will go on a shelf/display in every apartment/house I live in for the rest of my life,” he wrote. “After all the work I put into it, it better be on display at my funeral.”