Desmond Howard is aware of the lists of possible candidates for the open LSU job, but he described on “College Football Live” this week what kind of profile the next coach needs.

“I think you’re going to have to hire someone with a very strong personality,” Howard said on ESPN2. “Everybody thinks that their program is special, but this is a very unique type of program down there in Baton Rouge. It’s going to take a person with a unique personality.”

Those are a lot of the traits Orgeron had, as Howard added that the next coach will be in good shape to have ties to the SEC, but also Louisiana, or has coached at LSU as an assistant previously. The coach needs to be an excellent recruiter, but to also bring in the kind of staff needed to develop that high-end talent.

“Greg (McElroy) just talked about how much talent they have on the roster, but they’re not performing to that level,” Howard said. “This next coach is going to have to bring in a tremendous supporting cast of assistant coaches so they can develop that talent.”