An interesting name has been thrown into the LSU coaching search and that’s Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin.

Former Bills GM and Steelers executive Doug Whaley said Wednesday on 93.7’s “The Fan Morning Show” that he thinks that Tomlin may be interested in the position,

“Six letters for Steelers fans to be very concerned about…LSU, USC,” Whaley said. “Think about that. Both institutions can out-pay the Rooney’s. Their alumni base has enough money to give Mike Tomlin whatever he wants.

“Two, Mike Tomlin would be GM, president, CEO of that football program. Three, LSU, (athletic director) Scott Woodward is known for going big game hunting. In LSU, you have such a fertile recruiting ground, you’re going to put a barricade, a fence around it.”

Whaley also said Tomlin may find the job attractive is because Nick Saban may retire in a few years, giving LSU the chance to dominate.

“Saban’s not going to be around forever. Now you can talk about dominating the SEC like Saban and you can put your name alongside those who have won a Super Bowl and a National Championship.”

Despite Whaley saying all of this, however, he did say he didn’t have any sources who say Tomlin would be interested, so this is pure speculation.