With Michigan’s head coaching job once again open, speculation is rampant about whether LSU coach Les Miles will consider going back to his alma mater. One LSU columnist thinks it’s high time for Miles to ditch Baton Rouge for Ann Arbor.

Scott Rabalais of the Advocate (Baton Rouge, La.) penned an open letter to Miles on Thursday, encouraging LSU’s head man to listen to his heart and take over the Wolverines. Michigan has tried for Miles twice before, and Rabalais thinks the third time could be Miles’ final chance to coach his alma mater, as the coach recently turned 61 years old.

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Rabalais says that Miles shouldn’t take the job if the money wasn’t right; Michigan was paying the recently departed Brady Hoke $2.8 million, while Miles is making $4.3 million per year at LSU.

However, the crux of Rabalais pitch is that Miles should leave the Tigers behind because of the way he is under-appreciated in Baton Rouge. We’ll let him tell it:

And here is the biggest reason to go Les: At LSU, you’re 103-28 in 10 seasons with a national championship and two Southeastern Conference titles, having played for one more of each. Your team has been in a bowl every year and finished unranked just once.

Are you widely regarded as a top-notch coach in your backyard? No. They talk about your hat, your sentence structure, your conservative offense, your lack of being Nick Saban in general.

To say you have been under appreciated is an understatement.

Go to Michigan for 10 years (Steve Spurrier’s says he’ll coach next year at 70 so you can make it to 71) and give them 100 wins, a national title and two Big Ten championships and they won’t talk about your headgear or your syntax.

They’ll just call you a hero. They’ll ask which side of Michigan Stadium you want your statue to be placed.

Rabalais went on to add that Michigan’s interim athletic director, Jim Hackett, was Miles’ teammate with the Wolverines, and that Miles’ son Manny is considering Michigan. The columnist isn’t so sure that Miles can restore LSU to the top of the SEC West, and thinks the coach needs a fresh start.

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There’s been no indication, other than a tweet rooting for Michigan to beat rival Ohio State last weekend, that Miles would consider skipping town, and there are reports that Michigan isn’t even sure it wants to reach out to the coach.