In an effort to track the effect of blows to the head during football games, LSU players will soon begin wearing Vector mouthguards created by i1 Biometrics, an innovative company specializing wearable tech based in Washington.

Using wireless technology that measures the force, direction, and location of impacts, the mouthguards send data to handsets on the sidelines and can be turned on and off by simply removing from the mouth.

“We’re not the first sensor company to enter the space,” said Jesse Harper, CEO of i1, in a recent interview with Information Week. “One of our main differences is accuracy.” Because the mouthguard is in contact with the skull, “everywhere your upper jaw goes, the mouthpiece goes.”

The NFL is maximizing its efforts in concussion research with recent reports of severe brain damage to many retired and deceased former players. It’s no surprise steps are being taken to combat the viciousness of the game at the college level.