Things are not going well in Baton Rouge right now.

The Tigers are thin on defense and have been struggling to block on offense. It all culminated on Saturday night when LSU lost to Troy 24-21.

Tigers’ offensive tackle Toby Weathersby had a message to critics, posting the following statements to Twitter on Sunday afternoon before later deleting them:

“Check this out to all the critics and trolls, y’all are becoming very disrespectful, ya feel me,” Weathersby said. “I normally don’t say nothing cause it ain’t my place to do so but y’all keep playing with my family and dragging our name through the dirt … will not be tolerated, you spoon fed SOB couldn’t even walk a mile in some of our shoes.

“Y’all ain’t the Man upstairs to be judging us,” Weathersby added. “So check this out, we can handle it like this since sitting behind a computer screen gives you super powers, it’s a UFC gym right off Perkins ya dig and we can all go in there and box it out to see if them powers gone help you out, since y’all wanna point fingers!”