Chris Blair had the call LSU fans will remember for a long time. The voice of the LSU Tigers called Jayden Daniels’ pass to Mason Taylor in the front corner of the end zone to propel the Tigers over Alabama 32-21 on Saturday night.

“Mason Taylor, the tight end, right of the formation, Williams in the backfield, Alabama can’t get the players off the field,” he said. “They just got him off, they had 12 on the field. Here we go. Snap to Daniels, sprint out, throw to the right, caught. Right corner of the end zone! Mason Taylor! Tigers win! Tigers win! Hey now! 32-31, and the fans storm the field! Wow! Brian Kelly says ‘We’re going to win this one,’ and he does, 32-21, Alabama goes down.”

Hometown radio calls continue to be an entertaining source of excitement for moments like this, and LSU fans around The Boot will remember this play, and this call for a long time.