LSU has revealed special retro uniforms ahead of its men’s basketball game against No. 9 Tennessee.

They will pay homage to the 1979 team and feature stars and had Louisiana State in a big gold script. Like big hair styles and loud colored clothes of the day, these things stood out in the college basketball world, the Tigers shared in promoting the uniforms.

“Now the urban legend is that the Tiger players of 1979 did not exactly care for the white jerseys with the stars and the fancy script, but fans who have had a sneak peek on social media are quickly trying to get their hands on these special jerseys that will see the light of day for the first time since 1979 on Saturday.

They must have been a little bit on the special side because the Tigers won their first Southeastern Conference championship in 25 years that season. Coach Dale Brown’s dream of success was just coming into fruition.

The 1979 SEC Championship would lead to the 1980 SEC Tournament Championship and then a 1981 SEC Championship and an appearance in the NCAA Final Four.”