The numbers against the LSU defense in the win over Ole Miss on Saturday were alarming. It was a 58-37 result, but Ole Miss churned out 402 rushing yards and 26 first downs.

Most notably, Ole Miss freshman QB John Rhys Plumlee had 212 yards rushing yards, a school record for a quarterbacks, and three touchdowns and was 9-for-16 passing for 123 yards.

LSU coach Ed Orgeron said after the game, “We couldn’t stop him but we won the football game.”

LSU S JaCoby Stevens had strong words for the performance, something he took personal.

“I was embarrassed for LSU defense,” Stevens said, in a video shared by Tiger Details. “Defensively, we didn’t put out a great representation of how we practice and how we play.”

Stevens was asked about videos that circulated about him being hard on the defense and he said he was passionate.

“I feel like we were getting dominated,” Stevens said. “Ole Miss in the second half pretty much did whatever they wanted to do. That’s not how we’re supposed to play defense. That’s not how LSU defense is played. … If we were a bunch of scrubs, if we didn’t have the talent that we have, I wouldn’t have said nothing at all, I would’ve just thrown my hands in the air and been like we probably need to recruit better. We have guys that are elite talent guys, guys that are professional all over the place, and guys that can go first round next year. We just didn’t play like that as a defensive unit Saturday.”