LSU’s All-American junior running back Leonard Fournette apparently approached his offseason with every intension of maximizing his physical fitness for what is likely to be his final season on the Bayou.

While seeing a recent photo of a jacked Fournette is one thing, having one of LSU’s key assistant coaches praise the running back’s offseason development should certainly be more encouraging for Tiger fans.

According to LSU strength and conditioning coach Tommy Moffitt, Fournette ‘destroyed’ the team’s recent summer conditioning test. Moffitt was a guest on the Culotta and the Prince radio show on 104.5/104.9 ESPN Radio in Baton Rouge to give his take on how the potential Heisman winner tested this week.

“I know Leonard gets a lot of press about his weight and all that,” Moffitt said on the air. “But our fan base can rest assured that the big man came out this morning and destroyed it. (Fournette) for his size was phenomenal. I don’t remember a back in recent history that was impressive on their conditioning test as that guy was.”

In 2015, Fournette rushed for 1,953 yards on 300 carries and 22 rushing touchdowns. If LSU has the opportunity to play in an addition two games – the SEC title game and a national title game (second playoff /bowl game) – Fournette will surely pass the 2,000-yard mark and may come closer to the 3,000-yard mark when the season reaches its conclusion.