LSU’s social media team took note of all the shots at Brian Kelly this offseason. The Tigers gave Kelly a Year 1 signature win, taking down the No. 7 Rebels in a 45-20 blowout on Saturday in Tiger Stadium. The LSU Twitter account was quick to pull receipts.

Ahead of National Signing Day, Kelly was widely mocked for the way he danced with a recruit on an official visit to Baton Rouge. Kiffin was in disbelief at the viral video, tagging Kelly in a tweet.

Saturday evening, LSU quote-tweeted Kiffin’s Jan. 28 post with a photo of Kelly in his office wearing a shirt showing off his “dance moves” and posing next to the “win” bar. For added fun, LSU added the “rat poison” emojis, which Kiffin frequently uses in his tweets.

Kelly and the Tigers got the last laugh in this round. The Magnolia Bowl rivalry never fails to entertain.