For fans who love trash-talking, the LSU-Florida showdown is a matchup made in heaven.

All week, the two teams have gone back and forth in the media with LSU players speaking the loudest. Tigers junior wide receiver Justin Jefferson continued the trash-talking while appearing on the SEC Network’s Marty & McGee Show.

“We going after ’em,” Jefferson said. “We definitely, we want to win this game. We need revenge. I mean, they beat us last year. And (LSU quarterback Joe Burrow) threw a pick the last play. So I mean, we going out for ’em. I mean, we definitely don’t like them. They don’t like us. We know that. They say they’re DBU. We say we DBU, so we definitely going to go for their heads this game.”

One has to figure that Jefferson’s last phrase “go for their heads” was a figure of speech, but who knows in this rivalry, especially with bragging right of who is the true DBU on the line.

LSU talked trash with Texas a lot prior to their Week 2 matchup about the same “DBU” label. The Tigers allowed 409 passing yards in that game, but Burrow threw for 471 in a 45-38 LSU victory.

Of course, something bigger could be on the line Saturday in Baton Rouge than just a claim to DBU — a College Football Playoff spot. Both LSU and Florida are in the Top 10, and while there’s plenty of football left — LSU has to face No. 1 Alabama and Florida still has No. 3 Georgia — the winner of this LSU-Florida matchup has the inside track to the school’s first playoff appearance.

Florida and LSU will kick off at 8 pm ET in Baton Rouge. Watch Jefferson’s full interview on Marty & McGee below:

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