Throughout its history, dating back to the 1890s, LSU has had its share of impressive performances. With former conference record holders and players that earned a place among the SEC’s all-time leaders over their careers, LSU’s all-time record book is dotted with stars, as well as some players you may have forgotten.

Here’s a look at the individual records — single-game, single-season and career — in the major offensive and defensive categories for the Tigers. Do any of them have a chance to be broken this year?


Single-game yards: Rohan Davey, 528 (Alabama, 2001)
Single-game touchdowns: Zach Mettenberger, 5 (UAB, 2013)

Will they be broken?: Very unlikely. Does anyone see either Anthony Jennings or Brandon Harris having such historic games? With a powerful running game and questionable skills under center, it seems nearly inconceivable for the Tigers’ passers to put up these numbers.

Single-season yards: Davey, 3,347 (2001)
Single-season touchdowns: JaMarcus Russell (2006) and Matt Mauck (2003), 28

Will they be broken?: Very unlikely. The same goes as above. LSU is going to run the ball too much for either quarterback to break these records, and there’s a chance that both end up starting at some point this season.

Career yards: Tommy Hodson, 9,115 (1986-89
Career touchdowns: 69, Hodson

Will they be broken?: No


Single-game catches: Josh Reed, 19 (Alabama, 2001)
Single-game yards: Reed, 293 (Alabama, 2001)
Single-game touchdowns: Carlos Carson, 5 (Rice, 1977)

Will they be broken?: Unlikely. With LSU’s shaky quarterback situation and run-heavy offense, it doesn’t seem like a good bet that any of the receivers will push Reed and Carson’s marks.

Single-season catches: Reed, 94 (2001)
Single-season yards: Reed, 1,740 (2001)
Single-season touchdowns: Dwayne Bowe, 12 (2006)

Will they be broken?: Unlikely. LSU is going to run the ball and run some more. While the passing game should be at least slightly better than last year, none of the players are going to put these transcendent numbers.

Career catches: Wendell Davis, 183 (1984-87)
Career yards: Reed, 3,001 (1999-2001)
Career touchdowns: Bowe, 26 (2003-06)

Will they be broken?: No


Single-game yards: Alley Broussard, 250 (Ole Miss, 2004)
Single-game touchdowns: Kevin Faulk, 5 (Kentucky, 1997)

Will they be broken?: Possibly. No single-game rushing record is safe with Leonard Fournette ready to take over the SEC.

Single-season yards: Charles Alexander, 1,686 (1977)
Single-season touchdowns: LeBrandon Toefield, 19 (2001)

Will they be broken?: Possibly. The same goes here. Fournette is going to get the ball a ton, and that means big numbers. If he gets somewhere in range of 250 carries, both of these marks could fall.

Career yards: Faulk, 4,557 (1995-98)
Career touchdowns: Faulk, 46 (1995-98)

Will they be broken?: No


Single-game tackles: Al Richardson, 21 (South Carolina, 1982)
Single-game sacks: Chuck Wiley, 4 (South Carolina, 1995)
Single-game interceptions: 3, several players

Will they be broken?: The tackles record is probably out of reach this year, considering LSU’s ball-control tendencies on offense will limit defensive snaps. With a loaded defensive backfield, it’s not out of the question that Jalen Mills, Jamal Adams or Tre’Davious White could snag three picks in a game. LSU’s defensive ends are inexperienced, but Ed Orgeron has a sterling reputation and could coax a big game out of one of them.

Single-season tackles: Bradie James, 154 (2002)
Single-season sacks: Oliver Lawrence, 12 (1989)
Single-season interceptions: Chris Williams (1978) and Craig Burns (1970), 8

Will they be broken?: The tackle record would be a stretch, but for the same reasons listed above, both the sacks and interceptions records could theoretically be matched or topped.

Career tackles: Richardson, 452 (1979-82)
Career sacks: Rydell Malancon, 25 (1980-83)
Career interceptions: Wiliams, 20 (1977-80)

Will they be broken?: No