Mike the Tiger (Mike VI), LSU’s live mascot, has been diagnosed with an “extremely rare form” of cancer and has been given a life expectancy of anywhere between one month and two years.

Per The Advocate, Mike has spindle cell sarcoma. Tests confirmed that the noticeable swelling on the right side of his face near his nose is a tumor, and although a unique case, it is not expected to spread to other areas of the body.

He will begin treatment soon, which consists of a radiation therapy called “stereotactic radiotherapy.” LSU officials say that the treatment is “not curative, but should extend Mike’s life and allow him to live comfortably for some time,” according to the report.

Mike VI has been LSU’s active mascot since the 2007 season. Prior to that, Mike V held his post from 1990-2007.

Updates on Mike’s condition will be made available at www.lsu.edu/miketiger and on his social media pages.