Joe Burrow had a quiet but successful weekend at the NFL Combine.

The former LSU quarterback didn’t work out at the combine, but he reportedly had a fantastic interview with the Cincinnati Bengals, who is projected to take Burrow No. 1 overall.

ESPN’s Todd McShay just returned from the NFL Combine in Indianapolis, and on ESPN’s First Take Tuesday morning, he explained that if any team could convince the Bengals to give up that No. 1 pick, it would be the Dolphins.

“The Dolphins,” McShay said. “I know from talking to people in that organization that they have a lot of love for Joe Burrow. Everyone talked this year about ‘Tanking for Tua,’ and that was the guy that everyone thought they wanted. But with the medical situation the way that it is (for Tua Tagovailoa), everyone in the organization that I’ve talked to, they love Burrow. They’re pretty sure they won’t be able to get a deal done to go up get him (at No. 1).

“If the Bengals are going to sit there at No. 1 and say, ‘That’s our guy (for Burrow),’ then there’s no way to go get Joe Burrow if you’re the Dolphins.”

Burrow is predicted to be picked No. 1 overall by most NFL Draft projections following the NFL Combine.

You can check out McShay’s full comments below: