LSU head coach Les Miles spent much of his post-scrimmage media availability on Saturday to discuss his offense, which he thought performed well.

But he also took time to discuss his defense, and more specifically the differences he’s noticing in the philosophies of new defensive coordinator Kevin Steele and former DC John Chavis, now with Texas A&M after seven seasons in Baton Rouge.

According to one LSU beat reporter, Miles seems to prefer Steele’s system as far as substitutions are concerned.

Finding ways to defend effectively while minimizing substitutions has become more important as more college teams adopt spread offenses predicated on quick pacing and no-huddle play calling. Defenses are only entitled to time to substitute if the offense substitutes.

But there is some merit to the way Chavis operates as well. After all, he did lead five straight defenses ranked in the top 15 in the nation in total defense the last five years.

The last time Steele served as a defensive coordinator was in the Orange Bowl to conclude the 2013 season. Steele’s Clemson Tigers allowed 70 points that night in a loss to West Virginia.