LSU QB Joe Burrow is widely viewed as the best quarterback to come out in this NFL Draft class, but depending on which team is picking at No. 1, Burrow may be the top pick, or may drop a slot or two.

NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport came to that conclusion after speaking with 13 NFL front office personnel — GMs, executives and scouting directors — about Burrow’s draft stock as he ended last week with a slew of awards, most notably the Heisman Trophy. Rapoport reported that “the LSU star’s transcendent season has likely vaulted him to the top of draft boards across the league.”

“Every evaluator contacted over the course of the week viewed Burrow as the top QB over Oregon’s Justin Herbert, and some said it was not close. Similarly, it was nearly unanimous among those who discussed the situation with that whoever has the top pick — it would be the Bengals if the season ended now — will choose between Burrow and Ohio State pass-rusher Chase Young (if he declares).”

Throughout his record-setting season, Burrow has impressed talent evaluators across the league.

“I think he goes No. 1 if a team that needs a QB has the pick. If the Giants end up with the pick, it’s probably Chase Young,” one told Rapoport. “I think (Burrow) has proven this year that he’s the best guy in this draft class. Smart, tough as (heck), accurate and his team obviously loves him since they carried him off the field last week.”

It’s also a notable improvement from 2018.

“If it’s Cincy, no doubt he’s first overall,” another front-office person said. “He’s improved his leadership, grit and overall accuracy and decision-making since 2018. … (Passing game coordinator Joe Brady) coming over from New Orleans really helped his growth tremendously and shows he can operate a pro system. … Much better athlete than given credit for.”

He’s even mentioned as a can’t-miss pick.

“You aren’t going to go wrong with that dude. Everyone loves the guy. If they don’t, they have their own issues. A top-tier player.”