Even Myles Brennan can lose his patience.

And who can blame him?

For a long time it seemed Brennan was poised to be the quarterback of record at LSU.

He was going to have to wait his turn, but his turn was going to come and when it did he was going to have a really good run.

Brennan was talented, he was smart and most of all he was patient – choosing to see his inordinate amount of time as an understudy as an opportunity to grow rather than as an excuse to move on.

But stuff kept getting in Brennan’s way and even though he has been a Tiger for 5 seasons, he has made only 3 starts.

Now he is headed to the NCAA transfer portal and will try to restart his career as a starting quarterback elsewhere.

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Brennan was a record-smashing quarterback and 4-star prospect coming out of Ocean Springs (Miss.) High School, less than an hour from New Orleans where his family name was known for its 5-star restaurants.

Though he arrived in Baton Rouge in 2017 as a skinny prospect he had the frame (6-3) and time to grow into a starting quarterback.

Brennan chose to stay at LSU and pass on transferring even as players all around him were choosing to transfer into and out of the Tigers’ program.

He backed up Purdue graduate transfer Danny Etling as a true freshman, then watched Ohio State graduate transfer Joe Burrow come in after 2018 spring practice.

Brennan watched Justin McMillan and Lowell Narcisse transfer after Burrow won the starting position in preseason practice, but stuck around as Burrow’s backup and redshirted.

In 2019, Burrow was entrenched as the starter and went on to lead LSU to the national championship, breaking records and winning the Heisman Trophy along the way. Brennan was limited to mop-up duty, but he was at Burrow’s side the whole way, studying his every move in preparation for finally ascending to the starter’s position in 2020.

Max Johnson and TJ Finley arrived as 4-star and 3-star recruits, respectively, in 2020 to challenge Brennan, but the head-start that Brennan, who had added 40 pounds to that wiry frame, had was too much for them to overcome and he was finally the Tigers’ quarterback of record.

And he was ready – having the most productive first 3 games as a starter in school history, although LSU lost 2 of those games and clearly was going to fall off dramatically after the championship run.

During Brennan’s third game, he suffered a turn abdominal muscle that he played through in a loss at Missouri, though it would end his season.

Finley and Johnson both got opportunities to start in Brennan’s absence as he healed up in preparation for yet another preseason competition, which would also include incoming 4-star freshman Garrett Nussmeier.

When it became clear after spring practice that Brennan and Johnson had separated themselves from the other 2, Finley bolted for Auburn.

Just days before preseason camp and the resumption of the battle with Johnson, Brennan, the clear-cut favorite to win the job, broke a bone in his non-throwing arm and was sidelined for months.

LSU was hopeful that Brennan might be able to play right about this time of the season.

But other stuff happened along the way.

The Tigers got off to another slow start and the school and head coach Ed Orgeron agreed to part ways at the end of the season.

LSU already has a commitment from 5-star quarterback Walker Howard, though he was recently sidelined by a broken leg, for 2022.

Yet another competition – presumably a 4-man one – loomed ahead of what would have been Brennan’s 6th season as a Tiger in 2022.

But enough was finally enough.

After a stretch of nearly 5 full years that would have made Job antsy, Brennan realized it just wasn’t meant to be for him to be the LSU starting quarterback for any length of time.

The ease with which players can now leave one program for perceived greener pastures has tempted countless players to take off at the first taste of disappointment.

But Myles Brennan has endured enough disappointment and frustration to last multiple careers.

He deserves much better fortune wherever he lands.