If you missed the big news out of Baton Rouge yesterday, quarterback Myles Brennan suffered a serious injury and is expected to be out for an extended period of time.

Brennan’s unfortunate injury, which occurred away from the field, ended one of the more intriguing quarterback competitions in the SEC heading into this season and gives Max Johnson control of the offense in Baton Rouge heading into the start of training camp.

During his most recent appearance on ESPN Baton Rouge radio show Off The Bench, Ed Orgeron shared his reaction to the news.

“Very unfortunate. Myles was competing, was fighting to be the starting quarterback at LSU. Fought back, had a great spring, great summer. Had an unfortunate accident, he’s getting operated on this morning,” Orgeron said on the show. “Our prayers are with Myles and his family. It’s tough.

“His dad and his mom took it hard. I’m sure he took it hard. I didn’t get to talk to him yet, I called him yesterday, but I’m sure he was very upset. We are going to follow him through this.”

According to Orgeron, the Brennan family immediately inquired about Myles’ eligibility status and the timeline for when the LSU QB could come back and compete in Baton Rouge. The LSU coach shared that information to detail the competitiveness that runs in that family’s blood.

So what does this injury do to the LSU quarterback room?

Sophomore Max Johnson will be the team’s starter, while true freshman Garrett Nussmeier will serve as the team’s backup option.

“Well, obviously, Max is going to be our starter,” Orgeron continued. “He has got to have a great camp. The depth chart is etched in sand, and he knows he has to perform. But I believe in Max, just like I believe in Myles. I think we got us a great quarterback, a championship quarterback.

“Garrett is going to have to step up. Garrett is a very talented young man, I’m glad we got him, and he just has to learn the offense, step up and take care of the football. He had some unfortunate picks in the spring, but I know he’s going to get better with experience.”