Following the cancelation of spring football, players left universities and went back home to quarantine during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Instead of working out in first-class, multi-million dollar weight rooms with strength coaches, student-athletes had to resort to alternative methods of staying in shape and building muscle. For LSU quarterback Myles Brennan, he went back home in Long Beach, Mississippi, and benched and squatted tree trunks, along with completing a throwing obstacle course set up by his parents.

The redshirt junior quarterback sat down for a conversation with’s Emily Villere Dixon for an interview about how he stayed in shape during quarantine.

“I was at home pretty much the whole quarantine,” Brennan explained. “My parents set up like an obstacle course, but it was really just — we have a bunch of trees on our property and we had targets spray painted onto the trees and had gone and bought these nets. Cones set up. Trash cans to throw the balls into.

“I was just walking around the property with a chainsaw one day and was just cutting down trees. I cut down this tree and just used that. I could lift it, bench it and put it on my back and squat it. I just tried making the best of what I had.”

A portion of the conversation is below, along with a video of Brennan dominating a log.

This year, Brennan will replace the legendary Joe Burrow in LSU’s high-flying offense. The junior signal caller hasn’t started a game yet, but he has played in 17 games, completing 42-of-70 passes for 600 yards and 2 touchdowns.