Former LSU star Justin Jefferson had a huge season for the Tigers in 2019, helping the team win a national title.

Now, he’s a potential first-round receiver in the 2020 NFL Draft, and there’s some debate about where he stands in the receiver rankings.

One analyst — former NFL QB Chris Simms — is really high on Jefferson. He said on Pro Football Talk that he’d take Jefferson over Alabama star Jerry Jeudy (via 247Sports):

“Any time I see a 50-50 ball, Justin Jefferson catches it. It doesn’t matter,” Simms explained. “And he’s doing everything. So, to me, I don’t mean to knock Jerry Jeudy, who I like, but this is the better version of Jerry Jeudy. This is the guy, Jerry Jeudy’s expected (to be), but I’m saying, ‘No. Justin Jefferson’s this guy.’

“His ability to do all the things we talked about, it just has great value in the NFL. I think ultimately, he’s going to be a slot receiver because he’s fearless over the middle, he can play through contact, he’s got great play strength, he can break tackles, he can turn the ball up the sideline and make highlight type plays. He really has everything. To me, he’s one of the safest picks of the draft. I think he’s a can’t-miss prospect.”

Simms then went on to compare Jefferson to New Orleans Saints star Michael Thomas:

“Justin Jefferson, he’s similar to a Mike Thomas type guy,” Simms said. “That’s where I would say. In fact, I would say he’s a better athletic specimen than Michael Thomas was coming out of Ohio State. Not quite as big, but played a similar role as Michael Thomas did for the Saints in the LSU-Joe Burrow-Joe Brady offense, which was, wait for it, yes, the Saints offense. So he played that same similar role.”

That’s quite a bit of praise for the young receiver. We’ll see in a couple of weeks where he ends up going.