The Cincinnati Bengals are looking to fight their way back to the AFC championship game for a rematch against Kansas City Sunday, leading the Buffalo Bills 17-10 at the halfway point in the 3rd quarter in the Divisional round.

That lead could be more had officials ruled Cincinnati Bengals and former LSU receiver Ja’Marr Chase held possession of the below play just 5 minutes before halftime. Instead, officials ruled Chase did not maintain control heading to the ground. Because of this, Cincinnati had to settle for a field goal.

Fans all over social media immediately pointed out that Chase was inbounds with possession and 3 steps, arguing it should have indeed been called a catch. In the process, the unpopular ruling wiped Chase’s 2nd touchdown of the day off the board.

We’ve heard this plenty of times before, debating seemingly every other week what is and is not a catch in the NFL. This play adds yet another chapter to the saga.

What do you think? Catch or no catch?